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Coupon Shopping....List or No List??

When you go shopping you should never leave home without a list! (If you do you will spend more than you intended to!)

I usually spend an hour (the day before) putting my "plan of attack" together.

For the grocery, drug & any other stores I may plan on going to, I take the Ad and attach with a binder clip: my list & any coupons I plan on using. (this way I will be "ready to go" when I get to the counter) 

I find when your organized (esp if your using coupons) for you shopping trip, you tend to stick to your list and spend less $$.

At my house I have two separate lists.

  • One list is for perishables (food, etc) & things I need right away (dog food, paper towels, etc)

  • Second is my stockpile list. These are things my family uses all the time, that I keep, at min, 5 on  hand at all times. (Ex: Shampoo & Conditioner, I have approx 10 of each of the brand we use) When I see something in  my stockpile that is getting low, I will add it to the list & keep an eye out for sales.

I stick by these lists like glue! The only way I will sway from the list is if it is FREE or at least 85 to 90% off.

Another reason you want to make a list is you want to figure what you are going to spend before you leave your house. This way if a coupon does not go through or a sale price does not show up you know it.

This happens more than you think! I almost always catch it. If the cashier will not help you take your issue to the service desk. You will find if you politely ask they will fix it for you quickly without a fuss.

I know it seems like so much, just to go shopping, but when you see the savings that you can get..putting in a little effort before hand doesn't seem that bad!

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