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Great "Halloween" themed lunch idea: Hot Dog & Spaghetti "Spiders"

How cool are these? They remind me more of threaded buttons, but to a five-year old a spider is far cooler, especially when Halloween is creeping up. I saw the idea somewhere, and now have no idea where, but the concept was so brilliant I had to make them.

To make them, all you do is stick raw spaghetti through sections of hot dog – it slides right through – before throwing it in the pot of boiling water. VoilĂ  – instant hot dog points.

These are brilliant in their simplicity – all you do is cut your hot dogs crosswise into inch-long chunks (or really, they could be any size you like), then slide spaghetti or any other thin, dry pasta through it.
You’ll need a large pot of boiling water to give them enough room to move around. They’ll take about ten minutes to cook – about the same time it would take to cook the pasta itself. Serve with ketchup, for dipping, and let the kids figure out how to eat them. (Don’t worry – they will.)

Thanks to Babble for the great idea :)

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