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Oh No, there goes the Rite Aid $5/$25 PDF's & Video Values

Rite Aid Oh No, there goes the RA $5/$25

I just got off the telephone with Rite Aid Corporate and they will be ending the $5/$25 in the VV and any PDF's that are floating around.

I could not get an answer about the $4/$20 but it sound like they are phasing them out as well.
I posted the PDF a few days ago, so if you haven't gotten the opportunity to print it, please do so ASAP, not sure when they are phasing it out.
Please try to limit yourself to the "one print limit" so that we don't take advantage.
This is a sad day for me, because I love Rite Aid & these coupons really made it worth my while to shop there and get stuff for free...
I will keep you posted, once I know any more information

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