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Couponing for your Family vs. Couponing for One

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Couponing vs. Couponing for One

There are several different sites and blogs that offer guides to good couponing habits and rules.  However, most of these guidelines are for people that are trying to coupon for an entire family rather than for one person.  The following are habits and tricks that I’ve developed in my quest to coupon for one.
Couponing for a Family: Build a Stockpile
Couponing for One: Build a Stock-lite-pile

Let’s face it: as an individual, you do not need fifty tubes of toothpaste or a pallet full of toilet paper. If you’re living in an apartment, your stockpile space will be limited, and there will always be another chance to get free toothpaste.
Couponing for a Family: Buy Multiple Papers
Couponing for One: Buy Two or Four Papers

Since we’ve already established that you’re not building a stockpile to see a four-person family through the apocalypse, you won’t need as many coupons. It’s a good idea to buy papers in multiples of two, because you want to be able to use two coupons in whatever “Buy One, Get One” deals might appear.
One incredibly useful tool to use is a coupon preview site. Many times, coupons are regional, so there’s no way to guarantee that you will get every coupon listed, but it’s a very good starting point. Proctor & Gamble inserts are usually less regional (the same or close to the same no matter where you are), so if you see a coupon you really want, make sure to jump on it.
Couponing for a Family: Only buy what your family will use
Couponing for One: Only buy what you will use

It doesn’t matter how good the deal is: if you strongly suspect you won’t ever use something, there’s not much reason to purchase it. Donating and giving things to family are wonderful options that will be appreciated, of course, but learning to restrict your purchases is an important part of couponing.
Couponing for a Family: Utilize your storage space
Couponing for One: Really, really, really utilize your storage space

This is more of a guideline based on your living situation, and I’m making the mass generalization that people living by themselves are more likely to be living in a garage-less apartment. But either way, if your living space is limited, you must take full advantage of any free space. Plastic tubs under the bed, crates in the closet, baskets under the sink–whatever space you have, utilize it and keep it organized however you can.

So you see, even if you are just couponing for yourself, you can still take part of the deals!

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