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How do you find so many coupons?!?!?!

I always have people ask me where I find so many coupons & how I use so many on one item.

Here's a quote of a question posted on the WSD4Y blog this morning:

"How in the world do you find that many coupons to use on one product, I have difficulty finding 2 let alone 20. If you wouldnt mind could you email me with how you find all of them, and do that. Im so new to this, I dont feel like Im doing this right :)"

Let me break this question apart & answer it as best I can:

Using multiple Manufactures coupons on 1 product is a "no-no" but what I do (& what I teach others to do) is to use STORE coupons STACKED with a MANUFACTURES coupon.  I just posted the other day the difference between the two:

So ~ What's a Manufacture's Coupon & Where do you find them?


So ~ What's a Store Coupon & Where do you find them?

The stores in my area that issue STORE coupons are:

Rite Aid (In ad coupons & Video Value coupons)
CVS (In ad coupons, coupons & Reinventing Beauty magazine, found in store)
Walgreens (In ad coupons & Instant Value coupons, located in the monthly books found in store by where the weekly sales ads are)
Price Chopper (in ad coupons, thru the Catalina machines by the registers & ISave machines, usually by the front entrance to the store)
Target (On line at

The way I am able to get such great deals (& share them with everyone) is by watching the sales ads, remember what STORE coupons I have, then look for a MANUFACTURES coupon to STACK with it, to really get the most savings.

I am also a member of  It a great forum of people all across the country who are just as coupon-minded as I am.  There is a forum for just about every store, everywhere and the awesome members there post the sales ads, with coupon match ups, so that everyone can get the best deals!!  Most times, when I am sharing deals on my blog, that information came from WUC!!  And the best thing is, it's FREE!!!  

As far as the # of coupons I acquire, I purchase numerous papers every weekend, so that will give me numerous like coupons.  Since coupons can be very regional, if there is a coupon that I really want (& didn't get in my inserts) I will order from a clipping service (there are several out there)

I purchase at least 18 papers each week (at a drastic discount!) so that I can have coupons as I need them.  

Do I use them all?  NO WAY!!  
Do I play coupon fairy & give them out to friends & family & WSD4Y fans that are also into couponing?  ALL THE TIME!!

I hope this answered some of your questions, but if you still have more, please feel to post them here on the blog or directly on Facebook.

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