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So, what is Rite Aid & Wellness Plus??

So, you see postings about the Rite Aid deals & wonder how you can shop there for as little money as possible?

Let me tell you a little bit about Rite Aid & the Wellness Plus program.

Rite Aid

The wellness program is an incredible program that Rite Aid was put in place to help it's customers save even more money while shopping at Rite Aid (and to create customer loyalty, which is why I am a loyal Rite Aid customer!). 

The major perk of the wellness program is you will receive newsletters with PDF coupons that you can use with manufacturer coupons to maximize your savings.

You can either go to
Rite Aid wellness+ Rewards Card to sign up or while your at the store, you can sign up right at the register, it take only a few minutes & you get your card right on the spot. (if registering on line, it will allow you to print a temporary card so be prepared to type.)

The points ($$ amounts spent) are earned at pre-coupon price.

Everyday Benefits
  • Members-only sale pricing
  • 10% off Rite Aid Brand products every day
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist at 1-800-RITEAID
Earn Rewards
  • Get reward points when you shop at a Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Earn up to 20% off non-prescription purchase
  • Free health screenings

Additional Online Benefits
  • Special member-only offers, discounts and coupons
  • Valuable health and wellness information, one stop prescription management
  • Online tracking of your wellness+ reward status
    and points

The rewards you receive come in the form of +Up rewards, which are little coupons that will print at the bottom of your receipt.  What’s great is that you can tear them off & turn around & use them right there to purchase more stuff.  This is beneficial to spending as little of YOUR OWN money as possible.
For example:

This week,

Angel Soft 4 packs are BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) @2.39 

You will get a $1 UP for every 2 you buy, there is also an Internet printable coupon for $.50/1 which you could use for the BOGO sale.

Here is what your transaction would look like:
Buy 2 4pks of Angel Soft toilet paper
At the register, give your Wellness card, then the toilet paper, then the 2 $.50 off coupons, pay $1.39 out of your pocket.  

At the bottom of your receipt there will be a $1 +Up coupon.  Tear this off and do the same deal all over again.  Total out of your pocket will be $2.78, you’ll have 4, 4pks of toilet paper (at $.70ea!!!)  AND another $1 +Up coupon to go towards the payment of something else.

I use the +Up coupons like money, because essentially they are.  The only thing they won’t pay for is tax.  


Rite Aid Policy – Coupon Acceptance

To Our Valued Customers:

We gladly accept your manufacturer’s, Rite Aid “valuable” and Internet/Print at Home coupons in all Rite Aid stores as detailed in our coupon acceptance guidelines listed below:

  • Multiple Coupons
  • We accept a manufacturer’s coupon and a Rite Aid coupon for the purchase of a single item. However, the coupon redemption amount can never exceed the value of the item.
  • We accept multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers.
  • We reserve the right to limit bulk purchases of items if the purchase will deplete our supply for other customers.

    Buy One, Get One Free Coupons
  • We will accept a Buy One, Get One Free coupon for an item that is in our flyer as Buy One, Get One Free. The cash register will compute any sales tax due, which varies by state law.

    Internet/Print at Home Coupons
  • We accept coupons printed off the internet from manufacturer’s websites, emails and coupon websites up to $5.00 off per item.
  • Rite Aid coupons are not considered internet/print at home coupons, even when they are printed from an internet site or an email, and are therefore not subject to the $5.00 limit.

    Total Purchase Coupons
  • From time to time, Rite Aid features total purchase coupons which discount total purchases based upon meeting specific requirements. For example, $5 off a $25 purchase coupon.
  • Any manufacturer’s coupons presented with a total purchase coupon will be deducted after the purchase total has been determined.
  • We will accept more than one total purchase coupon as long as they are used in separate transactions with each transaction meeting the minimum purchase requirements. We reserve the right to limit the number of total purchase coupons that can be used in a given day.

    Sale Items
  • We will accept a manufacturer’s or Rite Aid coupon for an item that is on sale.
  • In the event that the item is on sale for less than the value of the coupon, we accept the coupon for the retail price of the item. No cash back is given on coupons.

  • Coupons and their face value cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Competitor coupons are not accepted at Rite Aid.
 I suggest copying the coupon acceptance policy & place it with your coupons (however you organize, I use a binder & I have a page protector sheet w/ all the store policies inside)

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