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So ~ What's a Store Coupon & Where do you find them?

Store Coupons

Mail-in Reimbursement?
Rarely will these have an address for mail-in reimbursement.
Bar Codes and Numbers
If it has a barcode, it will start with letters or numbers other than 5 or 9. Bar codes will only scan in the store they were issued.


In Store Booklets
Flyers or booklets on displays throughout the store or at customer service.

At Checkout or Coupon Printers in Stores
Printed at the register after checking out. These are called "Catalina" coupons. Or look for coupon centers in stores, scan your shoppers card and it prints coupons for that day.

Sent to Your House
Make sure your store has your address correct, they will send booklets and specials sales. Some even send coupons geared towards your shopping habits.

Mobile or Electronic Coupons
Coupons loaded onto your smart-phone, or directly on your shoppers card. Primarily in Target and Kroger.

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