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Pinecone Research is now accepting applications!!!

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a well respected pay-for-survey company and they are accepting new applicants! 

To see if you qualify, go here and fill out a very short questionnaire.  If they are looking for people in your demographic then you will be able to start earning $3 per survey right away which you can choose to receive by either check or PayPal.  You will also be sent free items to try out in exchange for your opinion!

I am a Pinecone Research member & I LOVE it!!  I get roughly 7 to 10 survey's a month and I am often reviewing products for them (I am currently reviewing a underarm deodorant)  

This year I've made $52 & reviewed 4 different types of products.

You can set your account up to deposit into your PayPal account (which I do)  then I use my PayPal to pay for all of my Clipped Coupon orders from my various Clipping Services.

It's a WIN/WIN :)

(I receive no compensation or referral bonus if you get accepted in PineCone)

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