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Host a Norton Back to School House Party!!!

Host a Norton Back to School House Party™

Help your kids have a safe, secure and productive school year this fall — host a Norton Back to School House Party on July 30, 2011. You and your guests will discover tools from Norton that keep your kids safe online, keeps your family’s personal information secure and offers immediate help for your computer and computer devices. So get ready for their best school year yet!
If selected as a host you will:
  • Demonstrate how to keep kids safe online by leading a Norton Online Family Scavenger Hunt
  • Give your guests the facts about online security, online safety and the benefits of Norton products and services through a fun game of bingo
  • Share a Norton service that can help you and your guests fix that pesky printer, annoying computer errors and more so your kids can stay productive
Spaces for this event are limited!

Want to be a host?

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If selected as a host, your exclusive party pack will contain:
  • Norton Online Family trial
  • Norton 360™ Software
  • Product & service discounts for your guests
  • Norton tote
  • Norton Family Online Safety Guide
  • Norton sticky pads
  • Norton pens
  • Norton magnets

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